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About us

Si Be LOGISTICS is a company that deals with organization of transport, storage logistics and broking in the customs clearance procedures.
With headquarters in Untershausen, Germany, and storage space it represents a serious partner for circulation of cargo between several countries.
For purposes of transport we have our own vehicles at disposal, while at the same time we are part of the transport network made up of several international companies of the same branch and we have permanent partners for local distribution within the countries of South Eastern Europe. We are actively linking countries of Southeast Europe with Central European countries with permanent weekly lines at various relations. In cooperation with world leading companies we also perform maritime and rail transport.
In the field of air transport we operate with airport services. In cooperation with the international insurance companies we provide insurance of goods in transport and storage for a high quality and safe transport.


In accordance with the needs and wishes of the client we organize all types of transport:

We will reply for all your inquiries. In the scope of transport by road we have regular transport lines (once a week) to:

  • Austria
  • Slovenia
  • Germany

We also offer collective transport from Turkey and collective transport form Western Europe countries (Germany, Italy, Slovenia, Austria…)

Transport by train

Depending on customer needs, we organize transport of goods by rail as a direct or combined transport (in combination with road, plane and sea transport).
Transport of goods by rail is one of the most economical forms of transport. In order to provide to our customers the benefits of rail transport we have established strong cooperation with leading operators and railway administrations.
If point of pick up or delivery of goods is not a city in which is located railway terminal, we offer possibility  of multimodal transport (loading / unloading at an agreed address, transport of goods to / from the train station and delivery of your cargo).
GMP LOGISTICS can arrange rail transport of goods in individual wagon shipments, groups of wagons and block trains.
Depending on the type of goods, railway transport is carried out with ordinary or special wagon, wagons with high sides, open and closed wagons.
For the transport of cars we use a special flatbed wagons for transporting cars.
We are also able to offer the service of transport of dangerous goods and transport of special cargo, such as oversized and non-standard cargo.
GMP LOGISTICS, along with the service of the railway transport, for its customers performs all related activities:

  • Perform loading / unloading and preparing goods for transport
  • Perform all the activites for providing necessary permits
  • Preparing waybills and other documents
  • Handle the customs procedures
  • Track wagons
  • Inform the client about the time of delivery of goods

With trusted associates worldwide, we are able to offer our clients storage of goods before and after rail transport.
For service quality and safety of goods, GMP LOGISTICS provides to its customers a legal guarantee when signing the contract and we can provide further insurance for customers cargo at reputable insurance companies.

Your request for an offer of transport and any questions can be sent to info@gmplogistics.com or via WEB form.

Transport by plane

GMP LOGISTICS  is engaged many years in the air transport of goods and with a known airlines has concluded contracts with special conditions, so we offer to our customers transportation of goods with special benefits.

Taking into account that our clients need fast mode of transport, air transport services we perform to all destinations, and pickup and delivery of goods is realised as soon as possible.

Air transport of goods GMP LOGISTICS organize as a direct or combined transport.

If the place of pickup is not a city in which the airport is located, we offer multimodal transport (loading on agreed address, transport to airport, unloading and delivery of your goods in warehouse at the airport).

Service of air transportation is done on a “door to door” principle, which means that, if necessary, we pick up the goods at the agreed address, transport to the airport,
pick it up on destination airport and deliver it to the address anywhere in the world.

In the context of air transport services GMP LOGISTICS, by customers request, assumes responsibility for all related activities:

  • Document preperation
  • Execuction of all freight forwarding activities regarding customs export / import clearance of goods
  • Organizing express shipments
  • Shipment tracking
  • Informing the client about the time of arrival and delivery

Whether you need to store your goods before or after transport, GMP logistics company offers storage services in a modern equipped storage space and in case you need storage of goods abroad, we have a cooperation with reliable companies all over the world, guaranteeing the same quality of storage.

For the safety of the shipment for which we take responsability during air transport, we give you a company guarantee, and the goods can be additionaly insured with the insurance companies with whom we have signed contracts.

Your request for an offer of transport and any questions can be sent to info@gmplogistics.com or via WEB form.

Transport by ship

If you want your goods to be transported by ship, the company GMP LOGISTICS offers freight transport services by all aspects of water transportation (river, sea, ocean).

Water transport

Water transport is the most convenient and economical to transport large quantities of goods and oversized cargo.

Depending on the clients request, the destination and the specifics of the goods, GMP LOGISTICS organize water transport as a direct or combined transport of goods
(In combination with road and rail transport).

We cooperate with shipping agencies around the world and thanks to the developed network of partners we offer to our clients virtually unlimited cargo space, quick and professional service of transport to all destinations.

Service of water transport is organized on a “door to door” principle.

Our company picks up your goods at the agreed address and forwards it to the nearest port.
Our team and our associates will organize loading of the goods and its unloading at the destination where it will be delivered to the recipient’s address.

For our clients we organize

  • Transport of full container load (FCL)
  • Collective container transport (LCL)

Collective transport is recommended for clients requiring transport of small quantities of goods to / from remote destinations. This transport means that your goods are transported in a container with goods of other clients, so you do not have to lease the entire container that is not necessary and there is no minimum quantity that can be transported.

With water transport, we perform all the supporting services in the shortest possible period of time:

  • Securing the container
  • Transport to the nearest port of loading and transport from port of unloading to requested destination
  • Loading / unloading of goods
  • Preparation of necessary permits and documentation
  • Completion of customs procedures and all freight forwarding operations
  • Shipment tracking during transport
  • Informing the customer about the goods during transport and about the time of delivery

At your request, goods in transport can be additionaly insured with some of the insurance companies with whom we have signed contracts.

Your request for an offer of transport and any questions can be sent to info@gmplogistics.com or via WEB form.

Transport truck

GMP LOGISTICS professionally organize road transport of goods in BiH, as well as from and to all world destinations.
We have our own vehicles for transport of goods and we are working with carriers around the world, so that we are able to organize transport of goods to any destination in shortest possible term.
Efficiency and high quality of services are exactly what makes the GMP LOGISTICS a leader in the field of road transport of goods.
In accordance with clients needs, road transport of goods can be organized as direct transport, or, in order to reduce costs and save time of our clients, as combined transport or collective transport.

With the road transport service, in shortest possible term we carry out all related activities:

  • Obtaining all kinds of permits and documents necessary for international transport
  • Completion of customs procedures
  • Freight forwarding
  • Distribution

In addition to the customs warehouse, GMP Logistics offers storage service in a modern equipped storage area abroad.

Goods can be additionaly insured with insurance companies with whom we have signed contracts.

Your request for an offer of transport and any questions can be sent to info@gmplogistics.com or via WEB form.